Best Crypto Credit Cards for April 2022

Some crypto credit cards allow you to choose your own rewards cryptocurrency and move your earnings to a crypto wallet.

In contrast to traditional credit card rewards offering points, cash and miles, a new generation of crypto credit cards offer rewards in bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies. 

Because you can use these credit cards to earn crypto rewards -- without incurring the trading costs that are typical when buying on an exchange -- they could be an optimal, low-stakes on-ramp to experimenting with cryptocurrency. 

That said, rewards on crypto credit cards are considerably more volatile than points, miles and US dollars. 

What's more, regulations and tax laws continue to evolve in this market, and legislators and enforcement agencies are applying particularly high levels of scrutiny with institutions offering crypto products. So, with that, a reminder: caveat emptor. 

We chose the best crypto credit cards that are currently on the market or will be soon. This list does not currently contain crypto debit cards or prepaid cards, and will be updated as new cards roll out.

We like the BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Card for a lot of reasons. First, it offers more than 10 cryptocurrency reward options beyond bitcoin. 

It's also the only one that allows you to move your crypto into your own wallet -- a key distinction that will make it attractive to crypto enthusiasts. 

Previously, the rewards you earned of 1.5% back on every purchase automatically earned interest when held in a linked BlockFi Interest account, but that offer has been ceased by order of the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

It's unclear if that feature will return in the same form, despite BlockFi's claim that it intends to get its business compliant quickly. 

The volatility clearly isn't reserved for crypto prices alone -- there is some inherent risk of abrupt changes in crypto products as the legal dust settles.

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