Tesla Stock Vs. BYD Stock: With Shanghai Locked Down, This Upstart May Seize Tesla's EV Crown

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Welcome to the Daily Crunch for Wednesday, April 6, 2022! Today, Pinterest announced it was banning all climate change misinformation on its platform, and can we just say … about time! May all other platforms follow.

Also, while we’re on our little soapbox: The earth ain’t flat, and vaccines have little impact on your 5G reception. Which is unfortunate, because we still can’t get more than a couple of bars in the supermarket.

We wish you a delightful day and impeccable cell reception - Christine and Haje

The TechCrunch Top 3

Sources say Better.com losing ‘$50M a month’: We think reporter Mary Ann Azevedo has done a bang-up job keeping her eye on the Better.com drama. In the latest episode, sources revealed to her some internal meeting details that the digital mortgage lender is losing “around $50 million a month.” Unsurprisingly, the company is now offering a severance package to employees it didn’t already lay off. There’s a town hall meeting today, so Mary Ann will most likely have more to share in the coming days.

Navigating the choppy e-commerce seas: As reporter Ingrid Lunden writes, “e-commerce is synonymous with shopping on Amazon, but the reality is that a retailer has the option to use a bundle of different channels to sell and market products.” Productsup wants to help retailers decipher this complex and fragmented world with some marketing and sales tools you can manage from one place.

Yes, Twitter is looking at an edit button: We’ve already played out this edit button thing, but even after joking about it last week, Twitter now says that it’s been working on an edit button for the past year, and it wasn’t because Elon Musk took a poll. To edit or not to edit has been TC Slack fodder this week, and it seems it people anticipate one of two scenarios: Typos will be fixed or misinformation will run rampant.

Startups and VC

TechCrunch has gone Texas-sized today, with our inaugural City Spotlight for 2022, where we do what we can to help Keep Austin Wired. Connie talked to billionaire investor Jim Breyer about why he high-tailed it out of Silicon Valley in favor of Austin, Brian took a look at how global politics and finance might bring more manufacturing to central Texas, Laura Lorek did a profile on Austin tech eccentric Whurley, and Mary Ann summarized how Austin re-invented itself, earning its current reputation as a tech hub.

Outside the Lone Star State, it was a big day of EV news. Rivian celebrated the production milestones that put it on track to hit its 2022 goals, which is great news for me, because it may mean that I’ll at some point clear the waitlist and take delivery of one of the off-road pickup trucks because obviously that’s what I need to drive to my local Whole Foods. General Motors finally figured out its supply chain woes and the recall of 141,000 Bolts and fired up its assembly line again. And the U.S. government finally figured out that if it wants to go fully electric, it has 99,000 problems in the form of a vast shortage of charging stations to energize all the vehicles it wants to run.

Moar News, fresh from the TechCrunch firehose of tasty morsels of news and commentary:

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