THE CRYPTO VALUE STANDARD - an innovative blockbuster project launched by STIMA.

A brand-new name in the blockchain world, STIMA, is an innovative company located in the Republic of San Marino. STIMA is the first cryptocurrency based on a value standard, a cross-property sharing concept that will revolutionize how we own, transact and monetize real-world assets of value. Anything, from artwork and jewelry to rare wines and spirits, luxury watches and collectible vehicles, can be staked and converted into STIMA tokens.

“We are all about inclusivity, assets that were exclusive to the elites for millennia will now be accessible to ordinary folks for less than a price of a coffee. The minimum capitalization value of STIMA is equal to the total value of the assets minted in the blockchain. 

All assets estimations are handled by leading industry experts and, more importantly, paid for entirely by us. Property owners do not have to bear any costs of insurance and storage, thanks to an international certified vault network.”, says STIMA’s Founder and CEO Maxim Tchmil.

More specifically STIMA is a utility token, that through a cryptographic system correlates its native crypto currency to the value of physical assets. Ultimately this token allows for an economic exchange that goes beyond conventional rules surrounding transactional elements related to a given asset. 

In particular, a person holding an asset with a proven intrinsic value determined by objective valuation metrics can unburden the asset sale process by receiving STIMA. 

In turn, STIMA as an ecosystem will allow its wider investor base to tap into a pool of historically appreciating assets, with fractional ownership guaranteeing diversification to all token holders.

“STIMA uses the blockchain technology of Ethereum – a decentralized blockchain platform that establishes a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies application code, called smart contracts. 

That eliminates any need for middle men and ensures fast speed and low transaction costs. Information is recorded in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system, we received a very high mark during the audit process from cyber security leader CertiK…

” It is explained by Alex Khamraev CTO and founder of the project, he continues: “…Each new value asset minted in tokens is registered with a single hash in the blockchain, thanks to a proprietary verification process called “proof of life”. Each user of the community is able to check to which wallet the tokens have been credited to and their relationship to real world assets. 

Token holders can connect their decentralized crypto wallets to our Web3 platform and receive all the information about the evaluations of minted assets, tokenomics and statistics, trading options and auctions, all in one secure and trusted place.”

STIMA is based in San Marino, the oldest constitutional republic in the world and is the state’s first ever crypto currency. STIMA has recently received approval from San Marino Innovation institute as a highly innovative company and has been classified as a blockchain entity. 

Furthermore, it will be under the jurisdiction of and fully regulated as a utility token by the Republic of San Marino authority.

STIMA is composed of an experienced team of multitalented individuals that have diverse backgrounds ranging from investment banking and traditional industry to fine art and digital marketing. 

The recently appointed CFO, Mr. Alessandro Gherzi has worked for top tier financial institutions including, Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse, UBS, JP Morgan. 

He succinctly describes the underlying principles of the crypto token: “I am really excited to be involved in a project that can have a meaningful impact on millions of lives by democratizing asset ownership and level an uneven financial playing field. 

The days of the gold standard are long gone, and modern currencies are backed by nothing but vague promises and fairy dust.

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