Crypto miners turn on 'hibernation' mode

 Hoang Hai, a cryptocurrency miner in Dong Nai, is looking through forums and experts to find

On June 14, the price of a series of cryptocurrencies continuously lost their bottom, only Ethereum (ETH) hit a "catastrophic" level when it dropped to $ 1,100. This is the digital currency that is exploited by the majority of Vietnamese miners, so panic is covering the whole market. Some have considered the option of "hibernation" for the buffalo plowing.

"With the current price of ETH and electricity, mining is already close to the breakeven point, even at a loss if operating, amortization, and maintenance costs are included. But the miners can't draw electricity, cover the mat, because if not operated for a long time, the electronics will be damaged," explained Hoang Hai.

He said last month when the cryptocurrency market fluctuated, he and some friends had unplugged electricity "buffalo plow". However, after a few weeks of restarting, some mains crashed due to inactivity. After consulting the parties, Mr. Hai said that the best option is to switch the excavator into "hibernation" mode.
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