Dogecoin rebounded thanks to Elon Musk

 Dogecoin has increased by more than 20% in value after billionaire Elon Musk said he 

After the above content, Dogecoin bounced 20%, from $0.049 to $0.063 per coin. The price of this cryptocurrency this morning is $0.058.

According to Findbold, this is a high increase in the context of the entire cryptocurrency market plunging, including the two largest capitalization coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, the volatility is not as large as before. Last year, Dogecoin went from a few hundred to 1,100% multiple times after Musk's tweets. This year, he seems to be "out of his mind" when it comes to the token at least twice, but the coin onlyincreased a few percent and then fell again.
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