Empty hands because sending electronic money to earn interest

 A few months ago, Hamish Tipene (Australia) made two mortgage loans, then deposited them

I tried to reach out to negotiate, unlock the amount deposited in Celsius but to no avail. I didn't anticipate this situation and it was difficult to find a solution," Tipene, 46, a carpenter, told Yahoo Finance. "I trusted them and sent my savings, but they are treating me. to me in an unfair way."

Last year, cryptocurrencies gave small investors like Tipene a huge profit and the opportunity to become rich. But when the "tide is receding", they are the ones most severely affected. Companies like Celsius, which is a safe haven for many investors, are now dangerous.

Before the crash, the Celsius digital currency lending system always promoted strongly as "banks are your enemies", "traditional banks will soon disappear"... Millions of people believed. Celsius' own statistics show that, as of May, there are 1.7 million users of the platform with more than 12 billion USD deposited, most of which are retail investors.
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