Unstable days of Luna followers

Holding both Luna and Lunc coins with the thought of 'lose something, gain that', Hoang Anh

Unlike Hoang Anh, Duc Duyet (Hanoi) from the beginning determined to "hug" Luna for a long time, not caring about short-term fluctuations. However, after only a few days, the price of these tokens dropped from 50% to 70%, causing him to fall into a state of "peak swing" and could not help but regret the amount of more than 1,000 USD spent earlier. From more than 11 USD on May 31, this token is now below 4 USD, which is a 70% decrease after a week. Meanwhile, the lunc, which he was once confident of "successfully bottoming", also fell and approached the buying price. "Perhaps you have to delete the app so you don't have to worry about it anymore," he said.

Three days today, the Terra player community in Vietnam was flooded with insecurity about the decrease in the price of tokens. Besides Lunc and Luna, some people also buy related tokens, like Anchor Protocol platform ANC or USTC, which is the former UST token. However, most are heavily discounted, at least from 20%. "Will we be fooled a second time, everyone?", member Ngoc Bach asked.
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