Axie Infinity reopens trading for players

 The Ronin Bridge has been reopened, allowing Axie Infinity participants to deposit and withdraw

After a three-month shutdown to strengthen security protocols and repair damage, Ronin Bridge was reopened on June 28. Sky Mavis representative said, to prevent similar attacks from happening, Ronin Bridge has undergone an internal audit and two checks from two reputable blockchain security companies, Verichains and Certik. It also integrates a new circuit breaker system, designed to prevent users from withdrawing unusually large amounts.

Along with the plan to reopen the bridge, the development team will conduct a hard fork (fork and create a new version of the blockchain), requiring validators to update the software.

On March 23, hackers hacked into the Ronin Network and made two money transfers, including 173,600 Ethereum and 25.5 million USDC. Subsequent investigation revealed that the hacker had exploited the "spear phishing" type, ie infiltrating the employee's account, thereby controlling the system and controlling the nodes.

Sky Mavis planned to get Ronin back up and running by the end of April but has pushed back so far because it can't be rushed, as the bridge is used to secure billions of dollars in assets.
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