CZ: I got to take more than 1,000 selfies in Vietnam

 Binance founder Changpeng Zhao said he was happy to take pictures with everyone, but suggested

However, the founder of Binance warned that some people are using photos taken with him to promote his project. In a tweet from February, CZ said he is always happy to take pictures with everyone at events or on city. However, he cannot tell if they are scammers, so he recommends that people learn to protect themselves.

By May, he continued to repeat this message. "If someone sends you a photo they took with me and says they know me well, consider them a scam. My real friends don't need to do that," CZ said.

In today's share, the billionaire emphasized that he likes selfies, but "doesn't like any project that tries to build credibility using those photos".

In fact, one day after CZ came to Vietnam, some NFT game project owners in Vietnam posted pictures with him to advertise. One project even claimed to have "exchanged about the project and market potential, which opens up a lot of opportunities in the future". The post has now been deleted.

CZ insists he "does not endorse or advise any project", and asks the poster "don't sell the project there".

In a previous blog post on Binance's website, the founder of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange said he is always surprised at how many people want to take pictures with "a boring guy" like him at events. .
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