Many people regret selling 'top coin' to catch the bottom of Luna

 Le Dai (HCMC) decided to sell 10 BNB, equivalent to 3,000 USD, to buy Luna in the hope

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Trung (Binh Phuoc) also sold a part of Carnado (ADA) digital currency to get 1,000 USD to buy UST when this stablecoin reached 0.1 USD each. "According to the news read, the team behind is working to save UST and I believe this. According to calculations, as long as it returns to the previous one dollar peg, my account will increase 10 times." , he said.

However, similar to Luna, UST also showed no signs of recovery, even to $0.037 per coin. To date, the price of this token fluctuates at $0.065, causing Trung's account to halve.

After the collapse of Luna and UST on May 12, there was a wave of crypto players rushing to "bottom" two tokens in the hope of making a profit. Many of them boast on social media that they have earned hundreds or even thousands of dollars with just a few dozen or a few hundred dollars poured in. However, the number of people who lost money was not small after this upheaval.

"People often have a fear of missing out (FOMO) when a token fluctuates so they rush to catch the bottom, but this is the wrong action. They often become liquidators for the previous players," Anh Bang, manager Administrator of the Facebook group about cryptocurrencies with more than 150,000 members and 5 years of participation in the cryptocurrency market, said. "The more money poured in, the greater the damage. Therefore, only a small amount of money should be used if you want to 'try your luck'."

According to this person, players should not sell "top coins" to pour into other currencies that have larger price fluctuations. "This is a stable portfolio that should be kept," he said.
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