Many Vietnamese still play games of chance with Luna

 Although Luna continued to plummet, Hoang Phuong still spent $ 100 to buy this token on May

Immediately after buying, Mr. Phuong was even more sure he would lose his money when he saw a series of cryptocurrency exchanges suspending the listing of Luna. But the next morning, he couldn't believe his eyes when the price of this token reached 0.0001 USD, making the amount of money multiplied by 10 times. He continued to hold until the afternoon of the same day when this token reached $0.0005, then sold it and collected $5,000.

On social networks, some people also boasted that they spent from 10 USD (the minimum amount to trade on some cryptocurrency exchanges) to several hundred USD and received thousands, even tens of thousands of USD. "It's like a lottery, I determined to lose 200 USD to spend on the morning of May 14, but unexpectedly in the afternoon I received nearly 1,000 USD," Facebook account Viet Nguyen wrote on a digital currency community with more than 100,000 members. The thread received more than 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments, with some saying they were similarly lucky.

However, not everyone is so lucky. Witnessing the Luna token increase and much discussion, on the afternoon of May 14, Nguyen Thanh (Tra Vinh) decided to invest 1,000 USD to buy Luna for 0.0004 USD in the hope that this token will have a higher price. Even so, his account was about 700 USD after a day when the token dropped to 0.0003 USD, forced to sell to avoid further losses.

Topics about Luna currently continue to be debated on social networks. Many people said that they made a profit when the market fluctuated, others even hoped that Luna would return to the "golden age", or at least for the price of a dollar. "I'm holding more than a million Luna. If it's to a dollar, I'll be a dollar millionaire," one person wrote on Facebook.
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