Mr. Truong Gia Bao holds the position of Vice President of TSS

 Mr. Truong Gia Bao became Vice President of TSS Digital Asset Management Center

According to Mr. Bao, the world's major companies rely on technology to develop business orientations and increase the convenience of users' lives. Vietnam is gradually changing and has more and more opportunities to access smart technology products of the world to develop the knowledge economy.

The new vice president of TSS said that the center aims to become an organization that leads businesses to develop on the blockchain platform. The unit operates in the following fields: scientific research, technology development; scientific and technological services on asset digitization, digital asset management. Along with that, the center will connect to help businesses nationwide realize their goals of digital transformation and digitize assets, creating a premise to integrate into the global trend. TSS will also support technology, solutions and platforms for digital and cryptographic resource management in the digital transformation and fintech era.

In addition to his role at TSS, Mr. Bao is also Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance, Chairman of Sustainable Blockchain Alliance (BAS), Vice Chairman of Vietnam Financial Consultants Association (VFCA).
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