Transformation of the trend of running for money

 A series of projects that transform from the movement of running to earn (move to earn) 

According to Mr. Tran Dinh, a member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, it is inevitable that projects follow the trend. "There are also many successful projects when following the trend, but also many parties fail, even cheat, causing users to lose a lot of money," Dinh warned.

Mr. Quan Ngoc, a developer of running apps to make money in Vietnam, said that when a project is successful, many other projects appear, which is a good sign, helping players have more choices and business models. also getting better and better. However, deformed projects do not contribute anything to the community but also make the market ugly.

Mr. Ngoc gave an example of the SexN project: "These transformation projects often hit the user's enjoyment of psychology, most of them are 'drawing cakes', the operation model is not clear, only weak. factors to make money, do not create positive value for the community".

On ScamAdviser, SexN's website was judged to have signs of fraud. "We downgraded SexN when we found several other sites on the same server that had low trust scores. Online scammers tend to set up multiple malicious sites on a single server. Some sites It also uses viruses and malware to distribute illegal content," ScamAdviser warns users.

Before the above project appeared and caused controversy, the market also had a number of variations such as SleepN - sleeping to make money, initially attracting attention but then the project representative said this was just a joke. In early January, a click to earn project called CryptoBike was also accused of fraud with an amount of up to 1.4 million USD.a
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