Vietnam has Blockchain Association

 The Blockchain Association belongs to the Ministry of Home Affairs and is the bridge

At the launch event of the Vietnam Blockchain Association on May 17, Tran Van Tung, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, said: "In the top 200 blockchain companies in the world, there are 7 people-owned enterprises. Founder Viet. We also have 10 businesses operating in this field with a market capitalization of over 100 million USD. Vietnam's blockchain technology unicorns have begun to appear with influence on a global scale."

Mr. Tung said that blockchain is a breakthrough technology trend, which is of particular interest to the Vietnamese government and ministries. In the context of the number of engineers and businesses appearing more and more, the need for sharing is stronger, the birth of a blockchain association is necessary. "I hope the association is a place for passionate organizations and individuals to share experiences and resources to promote research and experimentation, thereby making an important contribution to the process of national digital transformation, developing digital economy and digital society," said Mr. Tung.

Mr. Hoang Van Hue, former Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Chairman of Vietnam Blockchain Association, affirmed that blockchain technology is being widely applied by many countries around the world in a variety of fields. Vietnam is also one of the countries that soon caught the trend. The establishment of the association will mark a new stage, an important stepping stone for blockchain to be widely and reasonably applied to economic and social activities in the country.
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