Token price tripled after CZ said love pho

  The price of PHO cryptocurrency - the token of a little-known project - skyrocketed after bill

The token name appearing in CZ's tweet is said to be the cause of the unusual price increase of PHO. However, the trading volume of this token is relatively small, only a few hundred USD. CZ also said that his principle is not to review projects on his personal page.

Zhao is present in Vietnam. He arrived in Hanoi on the afternoon of June 3, participating in a number of blockchain events. One of the highlights of CZ's visit is that Binance will announce cooperation on research exchange, blockchain technology application, and human resource training in the country.

PHO is the token name of the PhoSwap project. The project is inspired by pho, with this dish's logo. According to the name of the community on Telegram and Twitter, the project may have been founded by Vietnamese people from 2019. However, like many other coin memes, the project is almost inactive. The trading volume of PHO is close to zero, the community on Telegram has just over 2,500 members. PhoSwap's Twitter page has more than 12 thousand followers, but will stop updating from 2021. After CZ posted the tweet, this account became active again and retweeted the above post.

When asked about the token, CZ said he did not want to mention names or comment on specific crypto projects.

It is not uncommon for tokens to increase in price following celebrity messages. In February, the Vietnamese-developed GameFi The Atlantis TAU token also increased in price almost twice after Elon Musk posted a message mentioning this word.
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