Americans Can Buy iPhones With Cryptocurrency

   Dish Network plans to allow users to earn cryptocurrency from wireless network service

Stephen Stokols, CEO of Dish Network-owned Boost Mobile, said the mobile service, called "Boost Infinite," is set to launch in the fall. "Imagine what could happen if a wireless service provider is ready to accelerate digital, embrace the Web 3.0 trend to reshape the entire wireless user experience. You can turn unused data into real digital currency. Imagine being able to leverage decentralized finance to buy trendy gadgets, like iPhones," Stokols said.

In addition to buying an iPhone, users can change the number of unused calling minutes into NFT, or even change it into Doge.

Last week, Axios said Dish Network's 5G network was rolling out to customers in Las Vegas after half a year of testing. Users will pay 30 USD per month to experience unlimited 5G service, call and text for free and can receive rewards as NFTs. However, until now the value of these NFTs is not really clear. "The Company makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality or commitment of the NFTs' value or tradability," said Dish Network.

The carrier representative confirmed that they are looking to expand the service to many other regions in the US with the goal of reaching 20% ​​of the population by June. It is not clear how they operate cryptocurrencies on the blockchain and allow transactions. How to translate, but experts say Dish's approach is quite unique, can bring more people closer to blockchain technology.
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