Blockchain game opens 'gate' to metaverse

 The explosion of blockchain and NFT games and the trend of play-to-earn with many options will 

"Blockchain technology has brought innovation to the traditional game industry. With the combination of NFT and new in-game mechanics, GameFi brings value ownership into the hands of users. It's no longer a pay-to-win. (pay to win), gamers with a certain level can make money (win to earn), or content creators can be creative to increase their income," said Mr. Founder and CEO Whydah shared.

The play-for-money model has shaken the online gaming industry. Traditional players are looking to turn to GameFi projects like Axie Infinity. All blockchain games offer NFT in their communities and provide players with rich and graphically diverse virtual experiences, thereby opening the door to the metaverse.

Mr. Tri Pham further shared that: "At gamefi apps, players can be traded, bought and sold on secondary markets. In a way, the metaverse will include several possible virtual worlds. This means that both the play-for-money and NFT models powered by blockchain games will also play an important role in the metaverse in one way or another."

Is a blockchain application programming company in Vietnam. Currently, Whydah is pioneering with foreign partners to build products on Metaverse using blockchain technology. Whydah develops based on a combination with traditional game studios, helping to transform the model via blockchain application, meeting international technology standards.
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