Blockchain seminar helps Vietnamese businesses 'overcome winter'

 Technology experts discussed and shared experiences to help businesses approach and apply 

A statistics from Binance shows that Vietnam is currently in the top 15 countries with the largest number of participants in the investment market in the world. Many experts believe that the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, economic inflation, ... will have a great impact on the value as well as the development of this market. Vietnam is no exception.

Within the framework of the seminar, experts discussed issues surrounding the effects of record inflation in the US in particular and the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Experts also made comments and discussed how to survive and seize opportunities in the winter of the digital investment market.

At the event, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - President of VECOM also shared about the memory of leading more than 10 Vietnamese technology companies to Dubai to participate in Binance Blockchain Week - one of the world's major technology events. gender. "The event has helped our businesses learn a lot, motivating us to learn and develop technology in the Vietnamese market," Mr. Dung shared.

Besides, Ms. Ngo Ngoc Thuyen also made comments on how inflation in the US and globally affects the digital investment market in the current context. Within the framework of the program, the speakers talked about the upcoming development trends of the digital investment field in Vietnam as well as internationally.
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