Easy tricks to trick cryptocurrency players into traps

 Sending scam links, giving away cryptocurrency, and soliciting participation in "ghost" projects 

Based on KYC data, the identities of the three people behind were identified by PinkSale as coming from Thai Nguyen, Binh Phuoc and Quang Nam. However, there was nothing more they could do. Up to now, Ms. Hien and those who have put money into the project have not been able to get their property back.

According to CoinTelegraph, the above method is called carpet withdrawal, which refers to a certain cryptocurrency development team abandoning a project suddenly and taking all the money obtained from investors. Blockchain research firm Chainalysis estimates this scam cost investors a total of nearly $3 billion in 2021.

Eva Crouwel, who is in charge of financial crime at the Luno cryptocurrency exchange, said that users should be careful about projects that lack transparency, especially without clear development team information, and sketchy websites. , there is no white paper or detailed development roadmap.

Send scam link

Phishing attacks are also one of the flourishing tricks in the field of cryptocurrencies. According to data from Chainalysis early 2022, the loss due to crypto-related crimes will reach 14 billion USD in 2021, an increase of 79% compared to 2020, mainly due to theft and fraud targeting individuals and businesses own digital currency. Particularly for individuals, phishing is one of the leading causes.

Recently, Van Sinh (Dong Thap) said he lost more than $50,000 worth of Bitcoin after clicking on a link in an email impersonating a cryptocurrency exchange.

According to Vo Do Thang, Director of Athena Cyber ​​Security and Administration Training Center, the most common form of phishing attack is sending emails with files or links containing malware. If the victim clicks on the link, the malicious code can download itself to the device and take steps to steal the user's account.
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