Loss of 650,000 USD in crypto because of the backup feature on iPhone

 A MetaMask user lost $650,000 worth of cryptocurrency after crooks took over an iCloud account

As explained by security and digital asset expert Serpent, the hacker's trick in this case is to trick him into stealing iCloud accounts, thereby accessing all information in the user's account, including backup data. save from MetaMask wallet.

First, after knowing the target's Apple account, the crooks repeatedly use the password reset feature, causing the system to send a notification and the victim to suspect the account has been compromised. Then, they use a fake Apple number, call to notify the user about the above situation.

"The scammer will ask for a code sent to the phone, claiming to verify they are the owner of that Apple ID. In fact, they use this code to reset iCloud passwords. of the victim," Serpent said.

According to this expert, because MetaMask allows backup of the secret phrase to log in (iCloud) on iCloud, crooks can access the cryptocurrency wallet right after taking control of the victim's iCloud account, from there make transactions to steal money.

Serpent also recommends that users use cold wallets to store valuable assets, while proactively protecting personal data, including emails, phone numbers, and not providing authentication codes to anyone. .

Meanwhile, MetaMask instructs users to turn off iCloud backup for this wallet data on iPhone by going to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups and turn off MetaMask backups.
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