Metaverse through the perspective of a 'virtual reality evangelist'

 Cathy Hackl has worked in the metaverse since the dawn of the virtual super universe and is the

According to the "metaverse godmother", the world is still in the process of developing Web2 and gradually moving to Web3. In Web3, people can connect to everything around them from places to spaces and assets in a virtual environment. But with the metaverse, everything connected will be available in the real world with significant upgrades across devices. Thus, Web3 is seen as a means of creating the metaverse and the metaverse is the convergence of both physical and digital elements.

Metaverse will be the successor of the Internet and a digital lifestyle that goes hand in hand with physical life. "When people think of the metaverse as just virtual reality or immersive, that's a rather narrow view. I think the virtual universe has many areas related to VR (virtual reality) hardware, spatial computing, augmented reality hardware... So blockchain projects are only a small part of the metaverse pie," Hackl said.

According to her, one of the most important elements of the metaverse is decentralization, so blockchain is seen as a fundamental element, and NFT is a stepping stone to the metaverse when it comes to digital asset ownership and reputation. digital count.

What are the benefits of the metaverse?

According to Cathy Hackl, the metaverse is opening a game that even traditional companies can join. A popular fast food brand like Chipotle or a social media company like Snapchat can both step into the metaverse and create huge economic value.
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