NFT animation sells for a million dollars

 Life and Death is the first NFT work to be sold for millions of dollars by animator DeeKay Kwon.

CozomoMedici, a popular Twitter account among NFT investors, said that he bought the animation for a million USD or 310 ETH. This is 20% more than the most expensive NFT photo DeeKay Kwon has ever sold. According to Fortune, last September, American rapper Snoop Dogg announced himself as the owner of the Cozomo Medici account.

"Sometimes, a work is born to show you the power of art, to move your heart and move your soul. That's why I feel Life and Death is a representative work of art. era," wrote CozomoMedici and said that offering a price of one million dollars was for the author to not refuse.

DeeKay Kwon's animation depicts the life cycle in 30 seconds, from the moment a person is born to the moment a person dies. "My feelings are mixed, of course, I'm undeniably happy. I'm grateful to people who praise my work even when I'm still doubting myself," the photo's author said. Life and Death (life and death) shared. However, DeeKay also said that now in the development of NFT, people are too concerned with money instead of art. "That's not what I want the NFT to be. It always needs to be about art first."

Deekay Kwon is a Korean animator, well known in the world and used to work at Apple and Google. He came to the US at the age of 12, had a time to major in 3D animation and visual effects at the School of Visual Arts (USA) but quit midway due to financial reasons. Deekay often sells his NFTs on Superrare. In addition to Life and Death, he has 8 other works with prices of 16,000-680,000 USD.

There are many works that sell for millions of dollars, but the NFT is still controversial. The first tweet by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, was sold as an NFT in March 2021 for $2.9 million. However, when being auctioned and intending to donate 50% of the amount to charity, the owner is Sina Estavi, an Iranian businessman who received only 7 bids with the highest amount of 0.09 ETH ( $280).
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