Opportunities and challenges with Vietnamese blockchain

 Vietnam's blockchain industry is flourishing with many great opportunities but also facing

he first session of the Leader Talks series, taking place from 10am on March 22, will discuss blockchain trends in Vietnam and around the world. The first speaker participating in the program was Mr. Huy Nguyen, co-founder of KardiaChain - the first inter-chain blockchain platform in Southeast Asia, voted by Yahoo Finance as one of the top trending technology companies in 2021. The second author is Mr. Cris Duy Tran, co-founder of FAM Central and Director of the National Startup Fund. FAM Central is a metaverse portal project for digital assets of the entertainment industry such as games, movies, artists, music...

Leader Talks is part of the series of events of the CTO Summit 2022 and the Young Technology Leaders voting program organized by VnExpress Digitization.
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