Silly error caused hackers to lose a million dollars in crypto

 Hacker exploited the Zeed project vulnerability and obtained a million USD, but activated the 

The attack happened on April 22 on a DeFi project called Zeed. After obtaining a large amount of cryptocurrency, the hacker moves into an "attack contract" instead of transferring it to a regular wallet. This is a smart contract written by hackers, with the ability to automatically perform tasks in a very short time and the ability to self-destruct to make it difficult to trace.

However, Zeed's blog says, 15 seconds after the attack, the hacker activated the self-destruct feature of the contract before taking away the proceeds, causing the funds to be locked in the attack contract forever, impossible can be taken out.

According to security firm BlockSec, the attacker "probably activated the self-destruct feature because he was so excited" before he could transfer the funds elsewhere. Looking up on the Bscscan tool, the entire amount of BUSD equivalent to $ 1,043 million has remained on this contract since the hack happened.

Hackers sell off tokens, making Yeed's value almost zero.
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