Talk on blockchain trends 2022

 KardiaChain Co-Founder and Director of the National Startup Fund will share opportunities 

Mr. Huy Nguyen is one of 10 young technology leaders in 2021 honored by VnExpress. Before becoming the co-founder of KardiaChain, he was the youngest senior manager at Google. He also participates as a speaker and advisor to students of the information technology department of UC Berkeley and many other universities in Silicon Valley.

Huy Nguyen is also one of the founders of the first interoperability blockchain infrastructure development in Southeast Asia. According to him, the nature of blockchain is very special. This technology is new and in its infancy, and does not have the full standards of mature technologies. Professionals need to create a suitable environment where the knowledge learned can become obsolete after only a few months. Next, it is necessary to apply technology to products and continuously update them. This requires those who want to succeed in the blockchain field to understand the basic technical principles such as consensus methods, cryptographic signatures, peer-to-peer networks... and need practical elements, curiosity, explore, experiment.

Discussing with Mr. Huy Nguyen was Cris Duy Tran, co-founder of FAM Central and Director of the National Startup Fund. He is one of the leading blockchain experts in Vietnam, having spoken at major global conferences on technology.

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