The weakness of blockchain causes billions of dollars to be stolen

 The bridge between blockchain networks has many security weaknesses and is often used by hackers

A bridge is understood as a tool that allows tokens designed in one blockchain to be transferred and used on another blockchain. This tool helps to remove the limitations of some large blockchain networks like Ethereum, which have expensive transaction fees, or network congestion. For example, Axie Infinity's Ronin Bridge is a bridge that helps to transfer assets back and forth between the Ronin and Ethereum networks cheaply and quickly.

The bridge between current blockchain networks can be imagined as the legendary "silk road", helping users in different blockchain networks easily exchange, opening more trading opportunities.

During the dawn of the crypto market, bridging was not needed. For example 13 years ago, there was only one Bitcoin blockchain. But now there are thousands of blockchain networks. Each network has its own advantages such as low transaction fees, diverse ecosystems, so the connection between networks becomes especially important.

However, these new blockchain networks are difficult to communicate with each other, making it impossible for users to use multiple networks on multiple platforms in parallel. To shorten the distance, developers have built bridges between networks for users to easily move money. More and more investors are looking to jump from chain to chain to make a profit.
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