Vietnamese NFT game attracts attention in Japan

 Titan Hunters game developed by a Vietnamese team is among the most downloaded mobile games 

Titan Hunters was born at the end of March, is an NFT game developed by a Vietnamese team from November 2021 in the context of the Vietnamese blockchain game market flourishing. This is also one of the few projects that has released a real game and is well received by users.

The game is made with Minecraft-style graphics, belonging to the multiplayer online role-playing genre. Unlike NFT games that require you to spend money to buy items or characters to start participating, Titan Hunters allows free play. In case of "play to earn", new players need to connect a cryptocurrency wallet and buy items.

According to the GMO-research 2021 report, Japan is one of the largest markets for video games in terms of both players and number of developers. The country ranks third globally in terms of game revenue, with around 70 million players, and holds a quarter of the game publishing market share with the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Sega.

Mr. Vu Duy Tiep, CEO of Titan Hunters, assessed that Japan is a highly competitive market, gamers are quite picky when playing. Being downloaded and discussed a lot on social networks here shows that Vietnamese games are completely capable of competing with the international market. He said, Titan Hunters currently has about 150,000 downloads, with a daily player count of 50,000, of which 75% are Japanese users.
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