NFT in the shape of toilet paper helps to eliminate hospital fees for poor patients

   Rainbow Rolls, a toilet roll-shaped NFT, has been sold and raised millions of dollars, in part helping

Lapidus and some friends then sketched a Rainbow Rolls with a toilet roll icon with different facial expressions.

The Rainbow Rolls collection includes 1,000 different NFTs, starting on February 18. Lapidus said, 855 NFTs have been sold, the cheapest is 525 USD. Depending on the rarity, NFTs have different selling prices. Many models in which price increase dozens of times in the secondary market. A special feature is that these NFT resellers are also encouraged to deduct some amount for social projects.

According to Lapidus, 69% of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs went to social organizations. Of which, 16% will go to Gitcoin, the company that sponsors the Web3 development community; Another 16.5% belongs to Giveth, a bank dedicated to paying for social projects; 20% will go to RIP Medical Debt, an organization that specializes in buying back unpaid bills at hospitals, mainly for hospital fees from poor patients and those who cannot afford to pay. According to the Dallas Morning News, the donation from the Rainbow Rolls project alone helped write off a medical debt of $ 7 million.

After selling out 1,000 NFT Rainbow Rolls, Lapidus said, the team can move on to another project with a similar charitable purpose. The plan is expected to start next April, in cooperation with RIP Medical Debt.

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