Apple is controversial in the Web3

 Apple wants to get a share of the commissions from selling NFT items on the mobile app, causing a backlash in the Web3 community.

According to a report from Information, Apple has started working with NFT exchanges that have applications on the App Store such as OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden. Accordingly, the airline will support payment methods for these transactions. In return, NFT purchases will be considered "in-app purchases" and are subject to the platform's commission regulations. As such, Apple will collect 30% of each user's NFT transaction through the application.

Apple advocates charging fees with NFT transactions. Photo: sockur
Apple advocates charging fees with NFT transactions. Photo: sockur

As soon as this information was released, the Web3 community had mixed reactions.

30% is the general fee of the App Store, but is considered unreasonably high for the NFT sector, because transactions of this type of digital asset usually have a fee of only about 2-3%. If following Apple's policy, investors "surely lose" because non-NFT can increase prices by tens of percent. In addition, transactions are done in fiat instead of cryptocurrencies. This poses risks to participants because the cryptocurrency market is constantly volatile.

"It seems Apple doesn't really want users to buy and sell NFTs, so it introduced that regulation," said Alexei Falin, CEO of NFT Rarible, adding that Apple has always delayed approving exchange applications. NFT, as opposed to rival Google Play.

Tech blogger Florian Mueller called Apple's move "abusive but consistent," referring to the company's practice of forcing apps to follow its rules of the game in order to collect commissions, even though NFT is still a relatively new field. .

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, assessed Apple's approach as "crushing a technology that is still young and has the ability to compete with them in the future". According to Sweeney, Apple is killing NFT apps that it can't charge. Epic Games has for many years been in a confrontation with Apple, after its Fortnite game was removed from the App Store for not accepting the platform's high commissions.

According to Information, the famous NFT exchange Magic Eden also plans to withdraw from the App Store after learning of the new policy, despite Apple's offer to reduce the commission to 15%.

Meanwhile, some people think this is a positive move when Apple has tacitly accepted NFT. “Imagine you could integrate an ETH wallet in each game and spread them to a billion users,” said Gabriel Leydon, CEO of game developer Web3 Limit Break. He also said his project is releasing NFTs for free, so "ready for Apple to cut 30%".

According to investor OhhShiny, people are so focused on the 30% figure that they forget that Apple has given developers a chance to participate in the NFT market in a risk-free way.

This is not the first time Apple wants to make money from apps on its marketplace. Previously, leaked information also showed that Apple once made an offer to Facebook, asking the social network to treat advertising purchases as in-app purchases and pay them 30% of revenue.

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