Do Kwon still insists on not running away

 Do Kwon, the man behind the two cryptocurrencies Luna and UST, continued on Twitter to say that he was not a wanted man, but did not reveal his current whereabouts.

"Like I said, I'm not trying to hide. I'm still walking and shopping. Some people have been seeing me over the past weeks," Kwon said on Twitter.

The series of tweets began with the question of the TraderSZ account after it was reported that the CEO of Terraform Labs was wanted globally by the international police agency Interpol.

"Where are you hiding? Can you text me?", TraderSZ asked.

"I'm still coding in my living room," Kwon replied.

Do Kwon, born in 1992, is the founder and CEO of TerraForm Labs. Photo: Bloomberg
Do Kwon, born in 1992, is the founder and CEO of TerraForm Labs. Photo: Bloomberg

After that, Kwon confirmed that he was not hiding like information on the Internet. The 9x CEO even links to Interpol's homepage and "challenges" people to search for their wanted warrants on it. In fact, when entering the name Do Kwon in the search box of this site, there is no information related to the arrest warrant.

Although he insisted that he was not on the run, Kwon did not reveal his current whereabouts. Previously, he was believed to be in Singapore, but the country's police confirmed that Terraform Labs CEO is no longer there.

This is not the first time Kwon has insisted that he did not run away. On September 17, on Twitter, 9x CEO said "not running away" and "nothing to hide". However, he does not go public because he wants to protect himself in many countries and hopes to clear things up in the next few months.

According to Bloomberg, on September 26, Seoul prosecutors said that the international police agency Interpol had issued a Red Wanted Notice to arrest the 9x CEO with many charges related to more than $ 60 billion in crypto currency. "evaporating" investment. More than a week earlier, Kwon and five others were also issued arrest warrants by the Seoul Court for violating national capital market rules. This move aims to shed light on the issues surrounding the demise of two tokens in the Terra ecosystem, Luna and UST.

In May, the crypto community witnessed one of the biggest disasters in history, when both the Luna and UST coins lost almost all of their value. Information collected by Digital Today (Korea) from the Supreme Court office of this country shows that Terraform Labs decided to dissolve the Korean branch after a board meeting from April 30. This is considered unusual behavior right before the Luna incident took place. The Luna crash then triggered a series of investigations in both the US and South Korea.

In mid-August, Kwon denied the allegations related to the collapse, asserting that the Terra project was not a multi-level fraud scheme. He said he also suffered heavy damage and did not know how much he lost. When asked about the possibility of going to prison in the future, Kwon was not too afraid. "Life is long," said the 9x CEO.

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