Vietnamese bread can be promoted in virtual space

 Ho Chi Minh City Technologies such as AI, NFT, and metaverse can create a space to store and promote the beauty of traditional Vietnamese bread making.

That is the affirmation of experts in the scientific conference "Vietnamese bread journey: From the intersection of culinary cultures to the national brand" held on October 11 at Van Lang University. Some experts believe that Vietnamese bread can be advertised with new technologies such as retail on the NFTs platform, virtual bread academy with 3D images and the support of AI technology...

In the virtual world, bakers can show off their professional talents, and customers can also experience new shopping technology. In particular, bread products can also be promoted through technology and culinary contests featured in Metaverse.

Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance. Photo: DTS
Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance. Photo: DTS

Participating in the event, Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance shared that NFT, blockchain or metaverse are all new technologies with high application potential that can contribute to Vietnam's bread making profession. spread around the world: "Under the support of blockchain technology, NFT, we have had very large transactions. Many technologies have been applied as effectively as 360 buttons-time. This technology product used to be. bringing the masterpieces in cinema and advertising footage with huge investment costs."

Mr. Bao said that the current trend of using social networks is increasing continuously and the time each person spends on virtual platforms is also longer. If effective technology is applied, Vietnam can preserve the image of artisans as well as put the images of bread on Metaverse.

In addition to sharing about the future of banh mi on the metaverse, the guests also presented their presentations on four topics, including: "The history of Vietnamese bread, the introduction of Western food into local cuisine"; "Cultural interference and creativity in the processing of Vietnamese bread"; "Vietnamese banh mi international integration and brand positioning"; "The attraction and attraction of Vietnamese bread to the world".

The bakers took souvenir photos at the event. Photo: DTS
The bakers took souvenir photos at the event. Photo: DTS

The scientific conference "Vietnamese bread journey: From culinary cultural interference to national brand" organized by Thanh Nien Newspaper and Vietnam Super Chef Association in collaboration with Van Lang University, Tourism Corporation Saigon (Saigontourist) has just held. The event attracted 1000 participants, including guests who are culinary experts, international chefs, leaders of ministries, lecturers and students of many universities.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan - Editor-in-Chief of Thanh Nien Newspaper said that this conference contributes to honoring and promoting Vietnamese culinary culture, as well as being a forum for researchers and culinary experts. international and domestic reality to present scientific research results related to the historical process of Vietnamese Bread - Cross-Cultural Journey, contributing to giving scientific arguments affirming creativity, The difference, the unique mark of Vietnamese bread compared to bread from other countries in the world.

Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang Education Group, Chairman of the Council of Van Lang University affirmed that the conference is an opportunity for students to meet, exchange and be inspired by the best teachers. Famous chefs and culinary experts listen to and share from experts and scientists, thereby raising pride and love for Vietnamese culinary culture.

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