How to Build Credit Fast - Part 1

You can build – or rebuild – your credit fast by following a few simple steps.

You're in the perfect place if you need to recover credit quickly following a financial setback.
You've probably heard that to have a "excellent" credit score, which is 800-plus, you need to have a long credit history (at least a trillion years) and a ton of credit lines. In all honesty, getting an amazing score takes time, but at this point, it shouldn't be your primary concern.

Your current objective is to increase your credit as quickly as possible. For the next few months, your credit score will rise if you follow a few guidelines.

When Does Credit Get Established?
Building your credit score from beginning can seem overwhelming (or rebuild it after a money disaster). Yet, it only takes time and patience once you have a qualifying account on your credit report.

The minimal standards for a FICO score are as follows:

One of your accounts must be open for at least six months.
The credit bureaus must have received a report on your account during the last six months.
You need to make sure there's no trace that you're deceased.

Admittedly, the last bullet point sounds a touch silly, but there's a reason it's mentioned. Your credit may be impacted if you shared an account with a person who passed away and was listed as deceased. Try to open a bank account in your own name if at all possible.

In roughly a month, a credit score can be generated using VantageScore, another consumer credit scoring algorithm. But, you have no influence over the credit score a lender will require. You never know when you'll be fortunate and your lender will use VantageScore. Yet because 90% of lenders use FICO ratings, be ready to wait six months.
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