How to Get a Free Business Credit Score

What financing alternatives and rates are offered to your company will be based on its business credit report and credit score.

Your options will be better the more thoroughly you report and score. You can obtain better insurance rates and contract terms by maintaining a strong company credit rating.
Hence, for your company to succeed, you must comprehend what goes into a business credit report and how business credit scores are determined. This post will outline the essentials of business credit reporting as well as how to access a free online business credit report.

How Do You Read a Company Credit Report?

You're probably aware with personal credit reports, which provide information about your credit history to assist creditors decide whether to lend you money and at what interest rates. Inquire about obtaining free copies of yours if you are unfamiliar.

Although there are a few significant distinctions, business credit reports and personal credit reports are comparable. According to Angelo DeCandia, a professor of business at Touro University, "both types of reports will include payment history and outstanding debt, but business reports will also include company-specifics like revenue, ownership, and number of employees," in addition to the business's legal status and industry classification.

Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet are the three major business credit bureaus. The following are some of the elements you can anticipate to discover on a business credit report from one of these bureaus:

Name, address, and contact information for the business.
data about payments, including balance details.
Public documents, including any verdicts, liens, or bankruptcy histories.
Risk scores, which might vary depending on the credit reporting agency.

In a world where businesses are fiercely competitive, knowing a company's general nature and state is crucial information, according to DeCandia. And unlike personal credit reports, the public may easily access all of this data.

If you're willing to pay the associated charge, anyone can get a business' credit report online.
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