How to Monitor Your Credit

When you understand what credit score ranges mean, you can make better financial decisions.

When it comes to credit score ranges, there is often a lot of confusion. You have a lot of different credit scores, which is one of the problems. This makes it hard, but not impossible, to figure out where you are on the credit scale. Find out your credit score to start learning about your credit.

I'm going to pull back the curtain on your credit score range so you can see it in all its glory. Let's hope it's wonderful!

Aside from knowing where you stand in terms of credit score ranges, you should also look over your credit report every year. At, you can ask for a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies once a year.

Your credit score will not be on your credit report. So getting your credit report is different from seeing your credit score.

When you look at your credit report, you can find ways to improve your credit score. It can also help you spot scams. For example, if you see a credit account that you didn't open, you need to tell the credit bureaus about it right away.
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