Cheap Car Insurance for Teen Drivers: Geico and State Farm

The cost of insurance varies greatly depending on a variety of variables. A person's age, the kind of automobile they drive, their credit and driving records, where they live, and other factors, among others, greatly influence the cost of their auto insurance.

In short, your premiums will be different from those in our ranking, which are just meant to be used as a point of comparison. Our findings show that Geico and State Farm offer the most affordable sample rates for insuring young drivers, the group of people who are often the most expensive to insure.

In our review, Geico has among of the lowest rates for 17-year-old male drivers, while State Farm has the lowest average rates for 17-year-old female drivers. The lowest prices for both male and female teen members of the military community are offered by USAA.

Our data show that Geico has the lowest average annual rate for young male drivers at $3,742. This represents a $2,008 savings over the national average, or nearly 35%. The company's premium for teen female drivers is $3,478, which is $1,586 less than the national average rate.

Among the businesses we looked into, State Farm offers the lowest rate for female teen drivers at $3,280, which is $1,784 less than the national average and a 35% discount. The company also provides affordable vehicle insurance for male young drivers, with a $4,019 annual cost, which is $1,731 less than the national average.

Another choice for affordable teen driver auto insurance is American Family Insurance, which offers average annual premiums for female and male teen drivers, respectively, of $3,550 and $3,769, both significantly less than the national averages.
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