How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

Although the cost of life insurance varies depending on the form, it is surprisingly reasonable. Variable life policies typically cost $40 per month, while universal life policies cost $55 on average per month.

With term and whole life insurance, you can compare different possibilities, such as guaranteed-to-payout whole life policies vs plans with an expiration date. There is no one size fits all for life insurance.

The cost of life insurance depends on a variety of criteria, including the type of coverage, age, location, and other personal aspects, yet an average number might give you an idea of what you'll pay.

It's challenging to give an exact figure because the price of a life insurance policy relies on a number of factors: Your age, Your health (family history, medical history, weight, alcohol intake, fitness)

Whether you smoke

How much cover you want

How long you wish cover to last

Any additional risk factors (dangerous hobbies, your job)

According to general guidelines, life insurance prices are lower the younger and healthier you are, and they can rise by 50% or more if you smoke.

Each insurance will provide aftercare perks, such as virtual GP appointments, movie tickets, wearable devices, and so forth, which may have an impact on prices. Each insurer also has its own method for evaluating risks and determining costs. In a nutshell, you should expect that different insurers will give you quite different estimates for what initially appears to be the same policy.

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