Apple saves 500,000 tons of ore by removing the iPhone charger

  The iPhone maker believes that stopping the included charger when selling iPhones has helped reduce

However, according to Gizchina, Apple's message met with criticism. "Don't we still need to buy more chargers? They say it's like a phone no longer needs a charger to recharge," one user commented on Weibo. "Then why don't you give up iPhone production and switch to apple farming, for example, isn't that more environmentally friendly?", another said.

Apple no longer includes chargers and headphones in the iPhone box from 2020. Inside the box, there are only phones, cables and manuals. The company also did not reduce the price of iPhone 12 compared to previous generations.

The Daily Mail estimates that Apple can reduce the cost of each iPhone it sells by about $35 by eliminating the packaging accessories that come with the product. From the end of 2020 to the beginning of this year, Apple sold about 190 million iPhones, so it saved about 6.5 billion USD.

This figure includes the cost of accessories manufacturing and shipping. Previously, experts calculated that shrinking the size of the box would allow Apple to reduce the cost of box materials, as well as increase the number of iPhones per pallet by 70%, thereby reducing shipping costs by 40% compared to before. .

The above amount does not include sales of chargers and separate headphones. Users, if needed, need to spend an extra $19 for a 20W charger and the same amount for EarPods headphones. If you switch to AirPods, they need at least $ 129.
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