Chinese social media users must show location

  Posts by users of social networks such as Weibo, WeChat, Douyin... will have location information

According to SCMP, the platforms say the location display is intended to "prevent people who pretend to be locals and spread rumors". The new feature was implemented after the social network in China was stirred up by a series of videos and articles about the anti-Covid-19 situation in the country, causing large-scale online protests.

"Recently, some domestic and international news has attracted great attention. We noticed that some pretended to be knowledgeable about the above issues, fabricated and spread false information, causing harm on the internet. cyberspace," a WeChat representative said, adding that the policy helps "maintain internet order and suppress rumors."

Mandatory display of location information is assessed as potentially compromising user privacy. However, many agree that they help prevent "spying", or reduce wars of words in cyberspace. Currently, social networking platforms in China have no information about the impact of this new policy.

Sharing with The Register, Bryan Tan, a representative of Reed Smith law firm specializing in the field of technology, said that IP addresses can reveal the exact location, so it can be considered as personal data, affecting to many user behaviors, not just misinformation.
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