'Dr. Cisco' discusses blockchain misunderstanding at CTO Summit

 Mr. Vu Anh Tu, CTO of FPT, will discuss "blockchain is not just a cryptocurrency" 

At the CTO Summit 2022, Mr. Vu Anh Tu will share "Blockchain is not just a cryptocurrency". According to him, blockchain is an open platform, helping Vietnamese companies to access and develop new technologies effectively. "When compared with other technologies, blockchain's openness is an advantage, a difference, thereby creating development opportunities for businesses," said Mr. Tu.

According to him, blockchain is opening up opportunities for Vietnam to break through to become a digital technology powerhouse by 2030. From the perspective of an enterprise, it took FPT more than 30 years to become a company worth more than three billion USD. . But when blockchain appeared, many billion-dollar Vietnamese companies appeared after only about 4 years. Mr. Tu said that before the wave of blockchain, metaverse is the next technology trend that the company will invest heavily in research and development.
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