The plunge of a memecoin 'millionaire'

 The 20-year-old American student at one time became a millionaire while playing the coin meme

In 2019, I first spent 500 USD buying Bitcoin but forgot about them. It wasn't until the end of 2020, upon retesting, that this Bitcoin increased in value to $2,000. So from then on, I bought more digital money, accepted to live frugally, doing boring jobs just to have money to invest.

In August 2021, I read that Visa company bought NFT CryptoPunk. This is an NFT that is classified as a "bluechip", ie with a reputation and high profit potential. I started researching this digital asset and got lucky when I bought a rare NFT. At its peak, my NFT was up to $200,000.

I decided to put all of my $75,000 into NFT, half of which is my dad's retirement. I plan to share the profits with him when it is profitable. However, the plan failed after only two weeks. In mid-October of last year, the NFT dropped in price and my NFT almost died.
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