Vietnamese people rush to dig Pi virtual currency again

 In the midst of the cryptocurrency market downturn, many people return to Pi mining

Late last year, the Pi Network development team confirmed that it had launched the official network (mainnet) and divided it into two phases: closed network and open network. In which, the closed network is transactions within Pi miners with each other, while the open network is exchangeable with other coins. The open network "could start on Pi date March 14 or Pi2 date June 28, depending on the maturity of the network economy and user KYC progress".

"If everything goes according to this June 28 schedule, my two-year wait might pay off," said Thanh Lam, a Pi digger in Ho Chi Minh City. Lam said his account has thousands of Pi, but after many promises and missed projects, he is no longer interested in participating. He even forgot to open the daily attendance application to receive virtual money.

"Recently, many people have KYC (identity verification) and it's also due on June 28, so I also went back to dig," Lam said. Nearly a dozen of his former team members are now retired, making the Pi he earns from the daily roll call. "But if each Pi has a consensus price of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars as expected, my 1,000 Pi will be enough."
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