Cryptocurrency crashes do not deter players

 Billions of dollars in capitalization were blown away after the collapse of Luna, but many

Surgeon Keith Baldwin, 44 years old in Massachusetts (USA), told the Wall Street Journal that he has saved $ 177,000 in 10 years. Last year, he invested his money in USD Coin (cryptocurrency pegged to USD) with interest of 9% a year. In April, he transferred all his money into TerraUSD (UST) with 15% interest. When UST crashed, more than 90% of his money "evaporated" in a few days.

Baldwin says he is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. He wanted to use his savings to buy a house and send his children to school, but Tera's collapse ruined all his plans. Now this doctor is having to tighten his spending to make up for the lost money. "I don't want my children to be implicated because of the mistake I made," he said.

Meanwhile, a woman named Valeria, 47, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, told Rest of World that she earns $300 a month selling food at home. However, due to inflation and insecurity about keeping money, she used all of her $1,000 savings and $500 borrowed to invest in UST. This woman believes the advertisement that UST is pegged 1:1 to USD.

Valeria carefully spent months learning about the Terra project before investing. But in May, the "catastrophe" of Luna took place, causing the price of UST to plummet, losing the one dollar mark. Now, UST is only 3% of its previous value. Watching her savings fly away, Valeria was helpless when she couldn't withdraw, all Luna and UST transactions were stopped. “I am disappointed and frustrated for having invested in a falling stablecoin,” she said.
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