CZ's path to becoming a technology billionaire

 From a friend's suggestion, Changpeng Zhao began to learn about Bitcoin and 5 years

Like many tech billionaires in the world, CZ is also a programming engineer. However, unlike Elon Musk or Bill Gates who built achievements at a young age, CZ seems to be "anonymous" at the beginning of his career.

In the late 1980s, after reuniting with his father in Canada, Zhao had his first real exposure to computers. The PC 286, bought by his father for $7,000, accounting for most of the family's savings at the time, began to lead young Zhao to a love of programming. However, that passion is overwhelmed by the financial pressure on an immigrant family. In later stories, he always told about part-time work at McDonald's or gas stations, to cover expenses.

Many years later, Zhao really entered the field of programming seriously. In his third year at McGill University (Canada), Zhao had an internship in Tokyo. Here, he worked for an outsourcing specialist company with the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a partner. It was also the first time the student knew about a concept like fintech or a financial transaction system.

In recent statements, the billionaire asserted that he "does not care about money or rankings". But he also admits that the young Zhao was attracted by the huge amount of money flowing through financial trading systems. "In Tokyo, I quickly realized there was a lot of money flowing through this system. It was a huge amount of money. So I never left the industry," CZ recalled in an interviewwith Bloomberg.
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