Four days of anxiety from someone trying to buy more Luna

 Having just bought more in the hope of receiving many new Luna coins for free, 

According to his assessment when reading the Terra 2.0 plan, the more old Luna you hold, the more new Luna you will be "given". "After hearing that this proposal was approved, I invested a few hundred dollars to buy more. The purpose is to receive as many new Lunas as possible, and the old Lunas I will sell when there is a profit or there is a sign of the price. decrease," Phu said.

However, Mr. Phu's plan has a flaw when it does not take into account the situation that the exchange will suspend trading to calculate the number of tokens that users own. In the cryptosphere, recording the state at a specific time is called a "snapshot".

Binance exchange started taking snapshots and airdrops with Terra project token holders from 10pm on May 26th Vietnam time and is expected to be completed on May 30th. During this time, users' Luna and UST accounts will be "frozen" and unable to perform transactions or withdraw or deposit tokens. That's why the accounts of holders like Phu no longer have Luna tokens.

After the above period, the user will receive a new Luna token, and the old Luna number will be renamed to Lunc and continue to trade. At that time, they hold Lunc and Luna simultaneously. However, the percentage of Luna distributed to new buyers like Mr. Phu is not much, only 10% of the total supply and users only receive 30% in advance, and the remaining 70% will be paid in two years.

"The most worrying thing now is whether the price of Lunc at that time will decrease compared to Luna now, nor is it clear how much the new Luna I will receive is worth," said Mr. Phu. Currently, Lunc is still traded on some small exchanges. The price of this token has dropped to $0.00013, 25% lower than the price when he bought it two days ago. He determined that he would "temporarily lose" these tokens because he couldn't do anything. "If I know that the exchange will stop trading for four days, maybe I will sell these tokens to ease my worries."
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