Lost millions of dollars because of the wrong price of old and new Luna

 The Mirror Protocol platform uses the old Luna token but calculates the new Luna price, even

Mirror Protocol is a platform that allows users to create "mirror assets" from the real world into digital assets and trade. The platform uses the old Terra blockchain. As a result, transactions are executed at the price of the old Luna and UST tokens.

After the Terra 2 plan was approved, the old tokens were changed to Lunc and USTC. "Luna" is the new name for the token on the new blockchain. However, Mirror's price forecasting system is still the old version, having collected quotes of the old Luna (now Lunc) according to the market price of the new Luna.

When discovered, the Lunc was priced at 0.0001 USD, while the new Luna's price was around 5 USD. "With $1,000 buying Lunc, the attacker was able to deposit $1.3 million in collateral and cash out real assets," said FatMan, an expert in the Terra community.

FatMan also said that the asset groups on Mirror including mBTC, mETH, mDOT and mGLXY have been withdrawn by hackers. This property is worth about $2 million. If the error is not fixed, the situation could become even more serious as the price difference between Lunc and Luna gets bigger and bigger.
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