Paris Hilton's ambition to become 'metaverse queen'

 Paris Hilton has always been considered a trendsetter, with her latest ambitions tied to the

In the latest trend, she has invested in a number of technology companies, including digital character startup Genies and animation app immi, which allows NFT owners to bring characters into the virtual world theirs in real life. Hilton also purchased a painting from the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, and created her own NFT works.

The Iconic Crypto Queen, a collaboration between Paris Hilton and NFT artist Blake Kathryn, sold for $1,111 million, a figure reminiscent of the 11:11 Media company she founded.

The future of the metaverse and NFT is still unclear, but some experts say they hold a lot of potential for stars and brands looking to welcome virtual events and products.

"This is a way for them to interact with fans and audiences. They can hold virtual concerts, as well as sell virtual souvenirs for fans to show their love of idols both in the tech world and in the digital world. digital and real," said Michael Onouye, an analyst at research firm ABI Research.

The drive to build virtual products and services is just one part of Paris Hilton's growing business empire.
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