People in rich countries don't believe in metaverse

 The majority of people surveyed in developing countries believe the metaverse will affect

According to a survey by market research firm Ipso of 21,000 adults in 29 countries, an average of 52% are familiar with the concept of the metaverse. 50% of respondents have a positive feeling about joining this trend in daily life.

The survey also found that people in developing countries have more positive feelings about the metaverse than rich countries. China, India, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Colombia are the top five countries, accounting for two-thirds of the respondents, who believe in virtual universes. In which, China has the highest rate with 78%, followed by India 75% and Peru 74%.

Meanwhile, the percentage of people who do not believe in the metaverse is mainly in developed countries. Japan is lowest with only 22% expressing positive emotions for virtual universe, followed by UK 26%, Belgium 30%, Canada 30%, France 31% and Germany 31%.
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