Players still poured money into Luna after the crash

 Only two weeks after the collapse of Luna caused many people to lose their lives, the Luna

The strong volatility in the price of Luna shows that users continue to pour money into the token, despite the crash more than two weeks ago. Van The (Binh Phuoc) admitted that he and many other players had spent money to buy Luna 2.0 as soon as they were listed on exchanges to look forward to the opportunity to "come back to shore".

"I spent more than $30,000 buying Luna since February at $50 each. When its price almost doubled, I still didn't sell because I believed it was the 'top coin' so it would increase even more. But the monthly plunge. took everything before," he said.

He just received 600 Luna 2.0 after the new token split, equivalent to nearly 4,000 USD. "It's not even 1/7 of the capital, but at least I don't lose everything. Now I will continue to keep the new Luna and buy more to wait for the price increase," said Mr. The.

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