Running project to earn money flourished in Vietnam

 After the trend of playing games for money, running projects for money developed by Vietnamese

The wave of playing games to earn (P2E) has attracted Vietnamese users since the middle of last year thanks to the rise of Axie Infinity. Until the beginning of this year, running to earn (M2E) continued to be a new trend attracting the blockchain community in the country. In just a few months, a series of projects were born, which were well received by users, despite the market's strong adjustments.

Minh Thanh (HCMC) said that on average, he runs about 40 km per week. When the StepN fever appeared more than a month ago, he also wanted to participate but hesitated because he had to spend at least $1,000 to buy "virtual shoes". Recently, he signed up for a domestic project because he was given a free trial before deciding to spend money.

Calo Metaverse, one of the most interesting M2E projects in the market, is having more than 50,000 downloads, with a daily player count of about 7,200 accounts. Another project, Run Together, claims to sell out 7,413 NFT ShoeBoxes within 30 minutes of opening. After 6 days, the application has more than 15,000 downloads, sometimes rising to second on the Google Play rankings in Vietnam, the average number of users reaches over 3,000.
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