Vietnamese people are less interested in money-making games

 For more than a week, Mr. Van Thanh has not logged into Axie Infinity after seeing

"Now every day I still earn the same amount of SLP as before, but the actual amount is only 3-5 USD. Looking at the price chart, I don't want to play anymore because the money I earn is not worth the effort," Thanh said. know. "I still keep the amount of SLP I have earned, waiting for the price to increase to sell to recover my capital and exit the market."

Meanwhile, Nguyen Mai (Binh Duong) also spent $1,000 on an NFT game called BombCrypto from the end of December 2021. At that time, the price of the game token, Bcoin, reached 4 USD. Since then, however, the token has dropped 100 times in value, to $0.04.

"For two months now, I have not entered the game, determined to lose all the money and consider this a valuable lesson," she shared.
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